After a bad t-bone accident a few years ago I found myself suffering from chronic pain due to shattered bones which of course also led to anxiety and trouble sleeping. We started to research natural health solutions versus prescription pain meds. During our extensive research we found the wellness benefits of CBD. However during research we also found a very unregulated industry that products being produced simply did not work.

We tried most of the largest CBD brands on the market and found only one or two that actually offered relief, we realized there was a great need for trust and quality in the CBD industry. This was the beginning of My Natures Essence™.

Our Mission

To help people in need by creating the most pure, trustworthy, organic, bioavailable phyto-cannabinoids rich products available.

Our Promise

Not all PCR hemp is created equal, meaning not all CBD is the same quality. In the unregulated, untamed wild west world of CBD, it can be difficult for consumers to find a CBD company they can trust. We certainly know this personally.

When we decided to start My Natures Essence™, we knew we wanted to create the most trustworthy, organic premium CBD products. We guarantee that our premium CBD products are made with extraordinary care along with the finest ingredients available. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience with the intention of changing lives one customer at a time.


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